Amazing Hospital Feedback

Just one example from the recent professionals feedback at the hospital:

"The schoolroom staff are outstanding. They really engage with patients and can often help me to understand some of the children and YPs psychological needs and difficulties while they are engaging with their school work on the ward, the Nightingale centre or with home tuition. They really support students in rehabilitation back to school when they have been off for medical reasons with prolonged absences. Also Ms Smith has done an amazing job organising medical needs sessions for local schools which helps local teaching staff to understand some of the chronic illnesses and challenges that students have to face. Also she has gone way above and beyond on working with me and young people with sickle cell disease to create a leaflet on the condition that will be relevant to them. The school room staff are an integral part of our MDTs and they have excellent attendance and I really value their contribution enabling a holistic approach of caring for children and young people."