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Outcomes Analysis 2021-2022


Young people who attend on site are offered up to 12.5 hours of education a week and those who are educated within the home a maximum of 5 hours of tuition a week.  All young people who attend Nightingale are deemed medically unfit for full time education and for this reason and the limited hours that they spend in education the curriculum offer is revised to focus on core subjects and those of special interest to the young person.


The 2021-2022 cohort is the largest cohort of Year 11 students that Nightingale has ever had, with many young people joining us during the Autumn and Spring term of Year 11.  The Service has endeavoured to enter as many young people as possible for GCSE English and Maths and has also offered the majority of the young people the opportunity to sit additional qualifications in Entry Level/Functional Skills Maths and English.


The most popular option chosen by young people has been to study Animal Care; other options offered include Art and Sport.  Some students who have joined the service during Year 11 have also been supported to complete additional options and Sciences that they began at their home school.



  • All students were entered for a qualification in English and Maths with the majority of students being entered for both GCSE and Entry Level/Functional Skills

  • 94% of students were entered for GCSE English and Maths

  • 86% of students achieved a grade in GCSE Maths and 96% in GCSE English


Next Steps

  • Increase the number of young people that are entered for Biology GCSE by embedding a more rigorous Science programme in key stage 3.

  • Ensuring that staff attend relevant subject specific training to ensure that they feel more confident in predicting final outcomes and addressing any subject specific concerns.

  • To continue with entering young people for Functional Skills and explore the possibilities of them doing this in Year 9 and 10 (where appropriate).

Overview of Results and Cohort
Number in cohort: 30

Overview of Results and Cohort.png
Overview of Results and Cohort2.png


2021-22 GCSE Subject Outcomes Analysis

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