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Personalised Learning


All students referred to Nightingale Home and Hospital Service receive an initial home visit where each young person and their parent(s)/carer(s) meet with the head of centre. This is then followed by an opportunity to visit the Nightingale Home and Hospital Service. Each student’s timetable is carefully planned to meet their individual needs and this can include a variety of provision, for example: 


  • 1-1 tuition in the family home or at a library;

  • 1-1 support from a Nightingale member of staff to attend a mainstream setting;

  • a transition period with regular review points aiming to gradually increase onsite attendance;

  • joining small groups of similar aged students for onsite lessons



At Nightingale Home and Hospital Service, we aim for our provision to meet individual circumstances, ensuring where possible that students’ individual timetables are modified according to their medical needs. Teaching staff liaise with students’ mainstream schools in order to provide opportunities to cover curriculum content in line with that delivered by their school, dependent upon each child’s needs and their timetable. Core subjects of maths, English and science are accompanied by a variety of other curriculum subjects including computing, art, PE, RSHE, animal care, outdoor education and cooking.

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