Hospital School Room

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There is a purpose built schoolroom on the children’s ward, staffed by a qualified teacher and teaching assistant. The teacher will liaise with the students own school in order to personalise their learning and limit disruption to their education. Students attend sessions in the schoolroom, or if necessary are taught at the bedside.


The hospital is linked with Birmingham Children’s Hospital and has a shared care for some patients including those with cancer. These patient groups have access to education at the hospital. The ambition is to ensure that no student is disadvantaged by medical need from accessing quality education and to provide a stimulating experience allowing students to learn and flourish and to make appropriate progress according to ability and need.

Regional Days


Hospital staff attended some very useful training recently.


Mrs Varnam attended a regional day in Leicester. The format of the day was a series of presentations from former students from hospital schools in the country and other professionals. Musharaf from Educating Yorkshire gave an inspirational talk on how teachers helped him to have hope for the future with his stammer. Another young person who suffered from anxiety discussed how being outdoors and completing challenges enabled him to cope.


On November 8th, Mrs Smith attended “Working on the Wards Day. Although this was a West Midlands regional area day, there were teachers in attendance from as far away as Devon, Sheffield and Leeds. Mrs Smith gave a presentation about the Sickle Cell Medical Needs Session held at Lawnswood earlier in the year. The format of the day was a mixture of presentations on a variety of subjects, and workshops. There were opportunities to network with professionals from similar provisions around the country. Workshops on enabling children and young people with communication barriers to engage effectively and on use of IT in the hospital and home setting were particularly useful. Strategies and resources gained at the event are being used in the hospital.


Festivals and National Events


The focus for recent work at New Cross has been festivals including Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance.


Students learned about the story of Rama and Sita and acted out some scenes before writing creatively and producing artwork based on rangoli patterns.


Students learned about firework safety and produced posters on this theme.


The poetry of Wilfred Owen and other war poets provided the focus for Remembrance and students produced some interpretive artwork.

Where would you travel to if you could explore the world on a magic carpet? What would you wish for if you were granted three wishes? Staff and students in the schoolroom have been thinking about this as they produce work to contribute to a wall display about a well known pantomime.


The focus of the display is Aladdin as this is the pantomime which was performed at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre during the Christmas break 2016/17 and many students were familiar with it as they visited The Grand during the holiday.

English work on display in the schoolroom based on this theme includes persuasive posters, diary entries and letters , while maths work focuses on area, symmetry, perimeter and area and repeating patterns.

Magic carpet destinations include Italy, France, Kenya, The Sudan and India. Students researched those countries and found out where they are in the world, their capital cities, named of rivers and highest mountains etc. There is also focus on how countries are affected by tourism and on journeys of rivers to the sea.

Some students produced work about animals in various countries and how they are adapted to live in specific environments.

Wishes include the opportunity to meet favourite celebrities such as Ollie Murs and Wayne Rooney, the chance to swim with dolphins, a lifetime supply of chocolate!  What would you wish for?