Values & Ethos

  • Provide access to appropriate education for all children and young people with medical needs in a supportive and structured environment.

  • Enable students to access as much education as their medical condition allows.

  • Offer appropriate interventions for vulnerable students with medical, social and mental health needs.

  • Maintain the momentum of students’ education

  • Provide up to ten hours teaching per week where the student’s condition allows.

  • Focus on the individual student to ensure that they are able to regain their rightful place in society and the wider world.

  • Work in partnership with parents, carers, medical and educational professionals, outside agencies and stakeholders, to minimise interruption and disruption of the education of students.

  • Encourage students to raise their self-esteem, and to value themselves and others.

  • Encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility to reintegrate to school as soon as practically possible and track students on discharge to ensure successful outcomes.

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