Lawnswood Integrated Therapy Service (LITS)

Who are we? 

Lawnswood Integrated Therapy Service (LITS) is a specialist provision consisting of Counselling Psychologists and trained Counsellors offering a range of therapies which include Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioural, Psychodynamic and Systemic modalities. Clinical work is underpinned by evidence- based practice.

Our services

‘LITS promotes the holistic approach that underpins the aims and objectives of Lawnswood Campus, and focuses on the social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs of the students’


All students referred to Lawnswood PRUs require attention to social, emotional and mental health needs. LITS focuses on providing a specialist provision to students who access our service. These include:

  • Assessment work

  • Clinical reports

  • Regular one-to-one therapeutic work

  • Specialist group work

  • Consultation with parents/carers

  • Commitment to the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) system

  • Collaborative clinical practice with CAMHS

Our strengths

  • Accessibility of an in-house clinical team

  • Immediacy of crisis support

  • Networks with CAMHS

  • Flexibility and frequency of clinical appointments

  • Student engagement – Efficacy of a school-cased service

Referral system


Referrals are completed by the Head of Centre and Pastoral Team. All referrals are discussed in our LITS Referral Allocation Meetings. Client waiting lists are managed rigorously using standardised risk assessments.

For further details please contact Dr Justina Somal on 01902 555947.

Lawnswood Campus

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SENCO/Head of Service: Ms L Watson
Executive Headteacher: Miss Rachael C Brown
Telephone: 01902 555947

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