Caring Hands

Each year around the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday on 12th May, Nurses Day is celebrated. This celebration recognises the work of nurses around the world. At New Cross, students in the schoolroom researched Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and other significant figures in the nursing world. They also interviewed the nurses and healthcare assistants looking after them, to find out what inspired them to follow their vocation and what they enjoy about their role. Afterwards they drew around their arms, looked at the design of their uniform sleeves and copied the design. Using the information from interviews, they wrote paragraphs about the nurses and healthcare assistants and stuck them on the paper arms. Nurses then drew around arms of the children and young people who wrote paragraphs about what nurses have done for them.

This work was displayed at an interfaith service to mark Nurses Day at St Patrick’s church in Wednesfield and on the Children’s Ward. Later in May it will be displayed outside the medical library at New Cross.