The aim of all Maths learning and teaching at The Nightingale Centre is to ensure that all of the students we teach are able to gain the highest level of qualification that they can during their time with us.

In the first instance students will follow the scheme of work from their mainstream school.

In other circumstances students will follow The Nightingale Centre scheme of work that will be adjusted to the needs of individual students and their timetables.

It therefore becomes very important to find the level of functioning of every student so that an appropriate, interesting and challenging curriculum can be put into place. This can range from basic numeracy skills to preparation for the new GCSE 1-9 examination.

Students who follow our curriculum will begin by building on the skills learnt in primary school.  Essential number work is taught with particular emphasis on ‘smart’ ways to solve problems.  Familiarity and confidence with number lays the foundation for the other aspects of maths including shape, space and measure, data handling, algebra and probability.

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 generally have a wide range of starting points in terms of the maths content they have studied and the academic levels they have reached.  Planning for lessons has to take account of this and so each topic is differentiated to take account of the differing starting levels.

**Due to students following an individual timetable appropriate topics will be selected for study.

Topics for Key Stage 3:


  • Place value of numbers and decimals.

  • Rounding

  • Indices, powers and roots.

  • Factors, multiples and primes.

  • Sequences

  • The four rules of number

  • Fractions, decimals and percentages

  • Metric and imperial measures

  • Order of operations

  • Sequences

Shape, Space and Measure

  • Angles and proofs.

  • Constructing triangles.

  • Special quadrilaterals.

  • Angles in polygons.

  • Area and perimeter

  • Volume

  • Transformations

  • 2D and 3D shapes and their properties

  • Nets

  • Co-ordinates

  • Constructions and Loci

  • Pythagoras’ Theorem

  • Similar Shapes


  • It all adds up to 1

  • Chances in probability

  • Experimental probability

  • What are your chances?

Handling Data

  • Collecting data

  • Interpreting data

  • Presenting data

  • Frequency tables

  • Reading and interpreting graphs


  • Functions and mapping

  • Distance-Time graphs

  • Using letters to communicate

  • Understanding brackets

  • Developing and using formulae

  • Constructing equations

  • Solving equations

  • Graphs

  • Equations

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