Creative Curriculum Archive

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The Creative Curriculum encourages involvement in a range of activities designed to encourage, cooperation, independence and build self-esteem. Visits to places such as museums, art, galleries, places of worship and farms support the focus for the curriculum which may include learning about environmental issues or the diversity of cultures and customs in the local area. Experiences are differentiated to support the needs of the students.


28th May 2017 – National Memorial Arboretum

Students visited The National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire to learn about the meaning of receiving a medal. During our visit students completed a variety of classroom activities reflecting on the meaning of a medal and looking at medals from different ceremonies. In the afternoon students were given a tour of the grounds and they had their very own guides to discuss the meaning behind each one. Students were very respectful when visiting and reflected on their thoughts surrounding the memorial.

10th March 2017 – Lower Drayton Farm

Students visited Lower Drayton Farm to take part in feeding 3 week old lambs. The group of lambs were part of a group who were born as triplets. An adult sheep is unable to produce enough milk to feed all three lambs so the farm helpers bottle feed each lamb. Students gained hands on experience in how to correctly feed the babies and were given a tour of the farm. Students will return in early summer to complete a project with the farm.

10th February 2017 – Team Work Activities

Students were paired with a member of staff to take on a circuit of one minute challenges. This is part of our creative curriculum that focuses on team work and perseverance. Both staff and students felt the heat as they attempted to beat the clock in building the tallest tower, hopping on one leg, balancing activities, writing countries down and bead threading.

3rd February 2017 – Visit to The Red Glass Cone, Stourbridge

Students visited The Red Glass Cone in Stourbridge where they took part in a glass workshop. Each student produced their own glass plaque and key ring. This workshop focused on

27th January 2017 – Visit to St. Peter’s Church

Students visited St. Peter’s Church in Wolverhampton to research stained glass windows. They were given a tours of the church and grounds and olanned their own window design. This trip forms part of an ongoing project, where students are designing a stained glass window for the Chaplaincy at New Cross Hospital.