Alternative Curriculum Enhancement (ACE)

This academic year, autumn 2019, has seen the launch of our new Alternative Curriculum Enrichment (ACE) programme as part of the Nightingale Centre’s revised curriculum offer. 


ACE encompasses a wealth of non-core subjects and topics including enterprise, travel training, recycling, preparing for college and further education applications and interviews.  In addition, ACE aims to provide opportunities to support students to develop effective and essential life skills, often referred to as ‘soft’ skills, e.g. independence, communication, positivity, resilience, perseverance, motivation, collaboration and reflection while at the same time nurturing their self-esteem and confidence. 


Through ACE, we also aim to provide relevant guidance and coping strategies in order to promote positive mental and physical health and well-being, in preparation for those times when our young people could be facing challenges such as anxiety, disruption to their sleep patterns or low mood. 

Community links form an important element of our ACE programme too and a number of students will be invited to participate in placements in a variety of setting including local primary schools and charity organisations. 


Accreditation for ACE is through a combination of Asdan short courses ( and AQA unit awards, where applicable, in order for students to receive accreditation for their achievements.    

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